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Speeches and Speaking Engagements

I have written speeches for others and spoken many times to various audiences. Usually on financial topics. Not normally the most exciting things to speak about.

My Speaking Assignments

One speech I gave to a group of accountants got a standing ovation. Not something you would normally expect. I speak from personal experience with anecdotes. I realize if you don’t entertain people you lose their attention in two minutes.

Perhaps my best speaking was on the lost 911 flag. It was missing for 15 years. I was interviewed numerous times by the press in attempts to find it. Here’s a small clip from the History Channel that demonstrates my speaking style.

Watch Shirley Speaking

Shirley Dreifus Speaks

Shirley Dreifus Speaks

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Speech Training and Coaching

I have also written speeches for others on how to “say it right”. That’s as important as “write it right”. One company was undergoing a strategic change. The head wanted to say, “the train is leaving the station, if you’re not on board, you’re fired.” I coached him to deliver the same message in a more motivational way. “We are making changes necessary for the business. Your support is critical. We hope you will stand behind us every step of the way.” Threatening to fire people never does anything except create panic and a stampede as people vote with their feet. My experience has shown it’s never the low-level people that leave. It’s your senior team taking with them their years of experience.

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