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NOTE:  Because of NDAs, company names and personal names may not be disclosed.

Lauren P., Global Company

"I worked with Shirley for several years launching a major rewards & recognition program. She helped write strategy papers, ran focus groups, wrote reports on findings and wrote communications including emails and flyers for employees. Everything was done on time and with excellence. She pays attention to detail and offers advice and suggestions on making things work effectively. She integrated well with the team and senior management. I highly recommend her not only for her writing but also for her team cooperation skills."

Gary P., Global Company

"Shirley worked for me for several years. During that time, she was responsible for quarterly newsletters, email communications to employees and reports to senior management. Her work was excellent. It was thorough and well written. Employees found the newsletter articles motivating and interesting. Her involvement in the programs I ran helped make them successful. I would recommend her for her excellent writing skills and her ability to focus on the goals to ensure that the communications met their target."

Eileen Z., Global Bank

"Shirley worked for me while I was at several positions. She handled writing of various kinds, from newsletters, to strategy documents, to employee communications. Everything was done with skill. She is an excellent writer and always keeps the audience in mind, so the communications are well-received. She also works well with any team and is patient and understanding of how to meld the different points of view that a team represents. I would highly recommend her for any writing job—whether it’s for a senior briefing or a short email blast for employees."

Shirley Lane, MetComm.Net LLC

"Shirley worked with us to get our weekly newsletter project started. She always contributed her ideas and suggestions to make sure that the customers understood the materials thoroughly. She wrote clearly and with passion. She has superb writing skills. I could always rely on her to deliver consistently well-written pieces that clients understood and responded to. I would endorse her for any type of writing project. She has the skill and experience to make sure every piece is goal-driven and meets expectations."

Dana S., International Bank

"Shirley gets to the task at hand with efficiency and a sharp eye for detail. I once gave her a collection of quotes and said I needed a pamphlet of the quotes for an event in 10 days. Shirley reviewed the material, called me back and said “Unfortunately, this isn’t a pamphlet. Each quote is a story and the stories have to be organized into chapters and made into a book.” Upon my go-ahead, she immediately took each quote, made it into a story for approval by the author and then combined the stories into chapters. The book was delivered on time for the meeting. It was so well-received, it went into a second printing and went on to receive an award. If you need a writer who is a seasoned pro and will tackle your project with experience and expertise, I highly recommend Shirley. She will save the day if you are under a tight deadline and deliver something that is both well-written and accurate."

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